Risk & Safety

Safety - looking after you

Safety is the prime consideration at Skern Lodge.  We are licensed by the Adventure Activities Licensing Authority to provide specified activities under the following headings: Watersports, Climbing and Trekking.  The exact details can be obtained from our office, and confirmed by telephoning the Authority on 029 2075 5715 or visiting the link above. 

Not all the activities at Skern Lodge come under the scope of the licence.  However, as with all activities at the Lodge, every member of our staff is fully trained and qualified to conduct the activities that they instruct.  All our instructors and tutors are carefully selected before employment.  Interviews, careful following up of references and DBS (CRB) checks - we take great care in checking that they are right for us and right for you!

Not only the instructional staff but also most support staff are first aid trained.  This includes maintenance, cleaning, catering and office - making sure we take care of you. 

All the catering staff have Health & Hygiene certificates and the catering is regularly appraised by the local Environmental Health Department to ensure catering and domestic standards are the highest.  Following a full programme of outdoor activities most people still put on weight!


Adventure and risk

Adventure activities are not completely free from risk.  While the chance of serious injury is extremely remote, the chance of minor injury has to be seen as a rare, but possible outcome – much the same extent as in normal, active play at home, school work or on holiday. 


We fully accept our obligations and moral responsibilities in providing suitable care for all our guests, and take these seriously. 

During our programmes, we introduce activities that can have lasting benefits for young people, with regards to their future health and safety.


We aim to increase people’s awareness of safety educations and managing risks.  This helps young people to keep themselves and others safe in a wide range of situations.