RIB Powerboat Charter

A great way to explore the North Devon coast.

Book a ride and lesson with one of our qualified instructors.  Wrap up warm, have a thrilling fast ride and learn to drive the Powerboat yourself!

If it's the wetter the better you like, then hang on tight for a donut ride towed behind our RIB.

Perfect for corporate entertainment, birthday celebrations, adult fun or any special occasion.

If tides and weather conditions are right (less than force 4 in the bay) a day trip to Lundy is possible for a 3 hour hire.  This allows for 45 minutes each way and an hour to explore around the island.

The boat holds up to 8 people at one time.



Minimum booking time is for 2 hours or for 1 hour if we can arrange your times to fit with another booking.

£160 for the first hour and £120 for the second and subsequent hours

£280 includes:


  • All specialist equipment

  • Instructor

  • Fuel

  • Up to 8 people on the boat at one time

  • VAT