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Updated: Sep 25, 2019

The results from a day looking at Mayans and Light with year 6 from Hartland School

Hundreds of school groups visit Skern Lodge throughout the year, with outcomes focused on improving attainment, engagement, relationships, and confidence. Many of these groups are residential, and travel from all over the UK (and abroad!) to stay with us from a single night up to an entire week.

However, for many local visitors from Devon schools a series of day-visits spread across an academic year offer greater flexibility than an overnight stay.

Starting with a theme and a curriculum topic, Skern Tutors and School Teachers work together to create a bespoke experience that supplements classroom learning as well as provide inspirational opportunities to anchor subject knowledge whilst having fun in the outdoors.

Each of our ‘Theme Curriculum Days’ are different, with varying combinations of theme and curriculum content based on the preferences of the school and students. We have enjoyed creating and delivering these tailor-made experiences – early conversations have provided exciting challenges for our tutor team…

‘Our theme that we are studying at the moment are the Ancient Mayans, so activities that explore that would be great. Is there any chance that we could also conduct some interesting STEM experiments also?’

Of course! Our Tunnels system is a perfect ancient Mayan Temple, and the brave explorers will need to utilise mirrors and available light to illuminate hidden chambers to decipher a code!

‘We’ve just started a unit on Rivers and the Water Cycle, and we’ve talked to the students about how the Ancient Egyptians used the Nile. I know that the Torridge isn’t quite the same as the Nile, but…’

…it sounds like a Rafting trip around Appledore Quay would be perfect for students to experience movement of water in an estuary environment, and an on-site Orienteering exercise would mesh well with symbols and hieroglyphics.

We haven’t been stumped with a theme or topic yet(!).

See under primary schools for more information.

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