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As part of our on-going reduction in waste going to land fill we have started to recycle our food waste here at Skern. Any waste food is collected on a weekly basis and is taken to our local food processing plant and using anaerobic digestion it is turned in to energy to power local homes and businesses.

Just 1kg of food waste can charge a mobile phone for 79 hours.

If you are wondering how it all works you can see how the process runs here:

We recognise that most of the waste produced onsite is provided by us. Our customers don't arrive with large quantities of rubbish, but through what we provide for lunch or sell in the shop or vending machines creates 99% of our waste. Therefore what we provide or sell should be recyclable and that's what we are working towards.

So this year, we have done away with the paper packed lunch bags, yogurt and plastic fruit pots and swapped over to using solid re-usable plastic cups.

We are aiming to do more recycling and working towards the ideal target of zero to landfill. With good education of our customers we should be able to get more people to sort their waste into the right recycle containers and ensure that less waste is put into the general rubbish bins.

If you are coming to Skern Lodge, you can help, not just by recycling when you are here, but by also remembering to bring a water bottle with you. This will help reduce the use of disposable paper cups, or single use plastic bottles, especially if you are out for the whole day.

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