Blowing the lid on what happens on tour!

Updated: Jan 17, 2019

Sports Tours at Skern Lodge
...and I thought he was having the full English breakfast

We’ve heard it all before, ‘what happens on tour stays on tour!’ Well, is it time to tell all…

We have many different clubs attending on our sports tour weekends throughout the year. Rugby groups being our most popular due to the strong local youth clubs available for matches or mini tournaments on a Sunday morning.

Whatever the sport, our sports tour customers find the accommodation and the facilities ideal for their needs. Whilst having an action packed fun day and evening on the Saturday provides the perfect Sunday match preparation.

Of course being youth tours, it’s not all drinking and raucous behaviour, but a whole lot of fun, laughter and banter that makes for a great event. Okay maybe the Skern bar is open for one or two beers for the parents.

So lets hear what some of this year’s groups had to say about Skern and their sports tour event:

“The activities were fantastic, really suited the group as everyone felt tested at their own level.”

“Great humour and great connection with the kids, whilst ensuring safety.”

“Great for adult/child bonding. Well explained and good at building team work.”

“Great variety at dinner. Helpful staff – lots of food for hungry kids.”

“For an under 10 rugby tour, it was perfect.”

“Really appreciated the laid back approach.”

“Centre was brilliant – everyone had their own space and if they got a little crazy it didn’t disrupt anyone.”

“The Centre and layout was fab – lots of outside space to burn off any excess energy.”

“We were worried that 3 games of rugby on the Sunday would be too much for our tied team – not quite sure what happened – sleepy boys on the bus turned into an absolutely ferocious bunch of rugby players. The aim of our weekend was team building – it certainly did that – an amazing result!”

Clubs have arrived with some great themes and some creative fancy dress and plenty of shenanigans. Whether it’s Mexicans, ‘Where’s Wally’ or Hawaiian grass skirts and floral lei, groups are welcome to express themselves in a respectful way.

There’s still plenty of time to book this year’s tour for your club, we have plenty of weekends available both this year and next. Just give us a call, you’ll be amazed what a weekend tour will do for your team, but don’t worry we won't tell - what happens on tour, stays on tour.

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