Who's it for?

Programmes designed for pupils aged between 11-14 years old, these courses involve students exploring the environment around them by asking important questions that utilise their mathematics and language skills in an outdoor setting.

Key Geography and Biology concepts such as long shore drift or habitat zonation can either be introduced for the first time whilst out in the field, or students can apply classroom knowledge already learned from school to see how it measures up to ‘real life’.
Our residential geography fieldwork programmes for Key Stage 3 offer students a chance to explore and understand the environment around them, from adaptations on the rocky shore, to the formation of the dramatic landscapes on Dartmoor National Park.

These programmes are designed with consideration of your particular group, ensuring your students' curriculum needs, as well as their curiosity, are met.

Programmes can include the investigation of various habitats, from the marine environment, to the diversity on a sand dune system.

The local area can be explored looking at the environmental and historical changes that have taken place and the geographical process and patterns that have shaped North Devon.

Our Key Stage field study programmes can also be combined with our adventurous outdoor activities programmes to enhance your residential experience.  These programmes can develop both your children's educational needs and also their personal and social development.


'Focus on the Geography'

​Focus on the Geography introduces photography within the geography curriculum at Key Stage 3, encouraging pupils to analyse information both spatially and visually, as well as engaging with, and discovering some key concepts in geography.

​Pupils will use digital cameras as tools for exploring and documenting the landscape, whilst undertaking normal fieldwork.  By using photography to explore the physical landscape, pupils are able to articulate key features in the natural environment, become interested in landforms and landscapes, as well as increase their visual literacy skills.

​At the end of the field-trip the pupils best photos can be displayed back in the classroom or school, or add context to their photos with some creative writing, or post field-trip workshops.

We have flexible programmes from day visits, overnight stays, to full 5 day programmes.

Please contact us for further information and to discuss the opportunities to suit your requirements.