Courses set for pupils aged between 14-16 years old, students will undertake several pieces of Geography fieldwork at stunning locations.

Students will be introduced to all stages of an investigation, including setting a testable hypothesis and deciding on a sampling strategy, use of scientific equipment and apparatus when out in the field, primary data collection and presentation, and the process of articulating a robust conclusion and evaluation.

Students need to undertake two geographical enquiries at GCSE level, each of which must include the use of primary data, collected as part of a fieldwork exercise

Fieldwork must take place outside the classroom and school grounds on at least two occasions.  These can be achieved on an overnight stay, visiting by the day, or as part of a multi-activity week.

Various examining bodies are covered; please get in contact to discuss your particular board requirements.

Undertaking fieldwork should be a crucial part of GCSE preparation, putting classroom learning into perspective, and gathering data that enhances and clarifies understanding.   Fieldwork delivered well can also inspire further study following success at GCSE, encouraging more students to consider geography at A level.


Other examining bodies are covered, please get in contact to discuss your particular board requirements.

We have flexible programmes from day visits, overnight stays, to full 5 day programmes.

Please contact us for further information and to discuss the opportunities to suit your requirements.