Frequently Asked Questions


What is Adamant?

Adamant is a frictionless, yield-generating contract. The protocol was launched on July 10th, 2021 through the Binance Smart Chain (referred to as BSC). The token contract employs a static reward system: 10% of every transaction is split into four parts: The first 2% part is distributed to holders, the second 2.5% is used to fuel the liquidity pool on the Pancake Swap decentralized exchange, 3% is burned, and the final 2.5% would be sent to our charity wallet. Throughout every quarter, a poll will be open to all users to vote on a charity nature wherein the winning charity nature will be receiving all tax received into the charity wallet throughout that quarter. The token is launched with the idea of creating a community token with a self generating income mechanism for its owner while allowing the same owners be a part of donating to the community charity of choice for the quarter. The static rewards system is a concept that was pioneered by and popularized by Safemoon.
Adamant Mine will also be released. It will be play-to-earn defi game which enables users to "mine" Adamant blocks. For every block mined, the user will earn 2,000 ADMC tokens, donate 2,000 ADMC tokens to the charity wallet, and burn 8,000 ADMC tokens. This leads to the game's tag line of "Play to Earn, Donate, and Burn". It is a great alternative to the usual high-APY liquidity farms out there because of its unusually sustainable approach. The reward amount is conditional upon the volume of the token in the marketplace, thus alleviating sell pressure put on the token by early investors. In addition to all aforementioned, the mechanism encourages token holders to hold on to their tokens in order to earn taxes from the transactions on the market, which is based upon the percentage specified in the contract and dependent on the total tokens held by the owner.

Automated Liquidity Pool

Adamant employs an automatic liquidity pool algorithm (AutoLP) in its token contract. As mentioned above, the network collects 2.5% from each transaction, whether the order is a buy or sell and adds it to the LP. This also acts as an arbitrage resistant mechanism that secures a portion of the volume of Adamant as a reward for the holders. The intended goal is to minimize price movements when large wallets decide to sell their tokens in the future, which when compared to coins without an AutoLP system, leads to a reduction in significant price fluctuations.

Rug-Pull Proof

Adamant is designed to be secure. As mentioned above, our token distribution is one of the healthiest ones currently available, with no whales controlling outlandish amounts of the circulating supply. In addition, the Adamant smart contract has implemented two important security features, aimed at making the token fully autonomous and immune to malicious manipulation. Fraudulent blockchain-based schemes running on BSC are rife, and we take steps to ensure that Adamant is as far from that space as possible: 1. Locked Pancake Swap Liquidity 2. Fully Public and KYC'd Team members 3. Public Dev wallets 4. Game Rewards lock 5. Audit Adamant differs from the rest of the De-Fi crowd because it has a passionate team working full time to develop a fully-fledged ecosystem of applications surrounding the token. We aim to not only have a financially appealing cryptocurrency asset for short-term traders, but a suitable long term asset for serious long term investors. Adamant is a yield-generating contract that rewards its holders. Adamant belongs to the community and will use its new and restructured team to elevate its status in the De-Fi space, where we intend to reach new, exciting and promising opportunities in markets worldwide. Behind the project is a highly specialized team that dreads the lack of transparency present in other De-Fi coins and is determined to change the status quo with Adamant. Check out our updated roadmap below, which we will be fulfilling over the remaining year of 2021.

Automated Burn

Adamant employs an automatic 3% burn in its token contract. The network will collect 3% from each transaction whether the order is a buy or sell and burns the token to a dead address in order to reduce the circulating supply of the tokens making the token deflationary.

Redistribution to Holders

Adamant also employs an automatic 2% redistribution algorithm in its token contract. It will collect 2% from each transaction, whether the order is a buy or a sell and has this redistributed to all token holders in scale with the amount of tokens each wallet is holding.

Charity Wallet Tax

Adamant also employs a 2.5% tax which will be sent to the charity wallet address whether the order is a buy or a sell. The wallet will be exempt from transaction fees and will not receive redistribution. The contents of the wallet will be donated in the end of every quarter to the winners of the community charity of choice poll.


Our token contract has been audited by BlockAudit Report.

Adamant Mine Game

Adamant Mine “Play to earn, donate, and burn” The game employs 2D pixelated/block type graphics. Players will receive 10 energy per hour and one energy is used to mine one block. Each player can have a maximum stored energy of 100. The goal of the game is to be able to mine as many $ADMC blocks as possible. The game will have simple left, down, right movements only. Once you go below the depth of a block, you’re unable to to go up to a higher depth. There will be 4 types of blocks that can be mined: 1. Soil (empty) block - which gives no rewards - 76% spawn chance 2. $ADMC block - which employs the earn, donate, and burn - 2% spawn chance . a. 8,000 tokens burned . b. 2,000 tokens earned . c. 2,000 tokens donated to the charity wallet 3. Diamond (energy) block - which gives 5 extra energy to the player - 7% spawn chance 4. Bomb block - which causes the player to die and start from the start again - 15% spawn chance Player rewards are claimable. You can claim rewards in multiples of 20 $ADMC blocks mined. If a player dies by mining a bomb block before mining a multiple of 20, all mined $ADMC blocks in between the multiple of 20 will not receive rewards. For example: a player dies after mining 35 $ADMC blocks - Blocks 1-20 will be added to the claimable rewards - Blocks 21-35 will not count Game Tokenomics - A total supply of 500B $ADMC tokens will be initially allocated for the burn and donate portion of mining - A total supply of 100B $ADMC tokens will be initially allocated for the rewards of players Rewards Adjustment: -The game will require tokens to be held to play -Game rewards factor: . -100,000 token minimum . . . -800 burn . . . -200 earn . . . -200 donate . -The dev team can adjust rewards based on game factor by changing the minimum number of tokens required to participate in “mining” . -For example: Devs would set minimum to 2M tokens held: Each block mined would do a 16,000 token burn, 4,000 token donate, and 4,000 earn