Curriculum Linked Learning

Curriculum linked content

We plan each visit to best meet your criteria and expectations, with content and experiences that meet the national curriculum for English, Maths, Science, and non-core subjects at KS1 and KS2.


Topics and Themes

Topics taught at school can be continued outside the classroom whilst at Skern Lodge. Just let us know your current focus and theme, or instead choose from our list of exciting topics.

Inspiring activities and experienced tutors

We offer unique adventurous learning opportunities safely delivered by our team of qualified tutors. Students will be challenged and supported, creating lasting memories that consolidate learning.

Everything covered…


Adult supervision - We operate within precise activity ratios that ensures student safety and fulfilment at all times. Activity group sizes for your students will be provided to you before your visit.


Risk Assessments and Health and Safety - All of our activities and sessions are thoroughly risk assessed, and our education staff are first aid trained and qualified. Supporting information will be provided to you before your visit.


Bags and Lunches - We have several indoor learning spaces available to store coats, bags, and packed lunches. If you would prefer, we can arrange for lunch to be provided by our on-site catering team.


Additional Resources - Before and after your visit, optional support resources can be sent to your school that can help inspire or consolidate learning opportunities.




What’s your topic or theme for the day?

An exciting narrative or scenario enriches student experience, and allows for problem solving within context. Let us know any topics or themes that you have already explored with your students at school, or otherwise choose from our examples below.

Your Topic Here






Suitcase in the attic











What emphasis would you like?

With strong curriculum links to every session, students will apply classroom skills to explore exciting practical challenges. Let us know your ideal learning outcomes from your visit and our tutors will deliver content that best targets learning in that area, encouraging your students to challenge themselves and develop understanding.


Key stage 1—Writing narratives about personal experience and those of others / expanded noun phrases to describe and specify.


Key stage 2—Creating settings, character and plot / organisational devices in non-narrative / identifying audience and purpose of writing.


First Person Story Writing—Icarus stretches his wings—climbs up high and takes that leap into open air for the first time.


Descriptive Writing—Whilst exploring the tunnels system, describe your team’s journey and the obstacles you came across.

sharing experiences and

describing emotions


The Missing Obstacle—Individuals write their ideas for an obstacle for the assault course. Describing how it will help develop teamwork.

clear communication


The Sensory Game—Smells, noises, textures and tastes are put to the test, before going into the tunnels.



Key Stage 1—Solve problems with addition and subtraction / compare and sequence intervals of time.


Key Stage 2– Solve number and practical problems in context, estimate / read and compare durations of time, / writing mathematical statements.


Measures and Time—Using a self-built water clock, the group time how long it takes to hit gold during archery practice.


estimations of speed


How High?- How high are the high ropes?  View the top of the pole whilst looking upside down between your legs!  It’s just good old trigonometry.


estimation of height


Climbing by numbers—A three digit number is chosen by the team, and then using their maths skills, a team member climbs the wall to various sets of numbers to reach their target.     timed climbs

Number Tunnel - Numbers are written on ping pong balls, placed in the tunnels. Teams need to find the right number and multiply points by going through more difficult routes.


Key stage 1—Gathering and recording data to help in answering questions / living things and their habitats.


Key stage 2—Using results draw conclusions / identifying differences, similarities or changes related to scientific idea / forces and mechanisms / classification of living things.


Feel the force—Experience and investigate the effects of forces and motion, by travelling on the zip wire.

forces & motion 

Tipping Point—Balance the see-saw with the various weighted bottles provided. But you must work as a team , as one person can’t do this alone.


Seashore Trail—Explore the rock pools and the coastline of Westward Ho!  Identify the various species you discover within the various tidal zones.

identifying and classifying creatures

Non Core Subjects

Geographical skills and field work / Viking and Anglo-Saxon struggle for the kingdom of England / a local history study / promoting growth mindset, resilience in completing tasks, communication and teamwork.


Be Safe—Arrive at the archery range, assess the risks and set ground rules to complete an archery tournament in safety.


Make a Map— Whilst completing the team assault course, map the course using pacing and scale and defining own key.


 exploring scale & size


Lookout for Hubba—Walk back in time as we explore the local area where Hubba the Dane and his Viking warriors advanced onto English soil.


Problem Solving, Teamwork & Communication

Take responsibility , be aware of actions and impact upon others / listen to others ideas and respect their point of view.


Rockets and Riddles—Rocket parts and fuel to be earned for each successfully completed task. Build resilience, teamwork and communication skills whilst battling against the clock.


effective speaking & active listening


Night Line—Follow the rope, whilst blindfolded around a course avoiding the various hazards set in your way.  Support and trust are needed throughout to complete in safety.

Like different ideas? Let us know , we’ll mix and match.




What activities will best suit your day?

Whilst having fun and engaging in adventurous activities, real learning outcomes are reached and students create lasting memories that anchor their academic learning. We can match activities that best suit your students, or select your own.


Assault Course


 Team Problem Solving 

 Seashore Trail 

 High Ropes 



 Zip Wire 

Shelter build & camp caft 

Arranging your curriculum day or stay

Available throughout the year

Your curriculum day or stay can be arranged throughout the year, Let us know what your topics or themes are and we can tie in your residential stay.

Great offers for courses arranged during November to February

We have availability for day visits and short residential stays that fit your school day and travel arrangements, all at an economical cost not found during summer months.

Day visit

Times at Skern to fit your school day and travel. 

Nov - Feb £19 + VAT per pupil,

March/April/Sept/Oct  £28 + VAT per pupil

May/June/July £32 + VAT per pupil

no charge for accompanying staff.

Residential visits

Winter Specials 4 November 2019 to 1 March 2020



Your visit

It is important to us that your visit meets all your criteria and expectations. Please feel free to contact us for all enquiries and questions, or arrange a pre-visit and explore Skern Lodge yourself.

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2 Days 1 Night

£75 + VAT

3 Days 2 Nights

£115 + VAT

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