Colleges & Universities

For over 40 years Skern Lodge has been providing courses for colleges and universities from across the UK.  Students have attended from a range of subjects including engineering to Public Services. 

No two courses are the same, that's why we work in partnership with you to design a programme that meets the students and the college/university needs.

Courses can be arranged over various lengths - anything from a day visit up to a 7 day programme.

Our tutors work with their own group throughout the stay to build rapport and to provide a path of development through the use of various theories and models.  We can also assist with guidance and support through a learning log (if required) to record their progress.

Programme and activities

Our programmes are designed around your academic needs; at this early stage the activities undertaken are less important.  Firstly we would identify the overall outcomes you are looking for and the process we need to take to get there.  The activities will then be used as a tool to reach these goals. 

Sample 5 day college programme

Sample of activities for colleges

What next?

Give us a call to check availability or to arrange a visit.: 01237 475992 or contact us.

Sample activities available for colleges

Water based activities

  • River Kayaking

  • Rafting

  • Raft Building

  • Surfing

  • Bridge/Quay Jumping

Land based activities

  • Archery

  • Abseiling - on the tower or natural rock

  • Climbing - on the tower or natural rock

  • Coastal Traversing

  • High Ropes

  • Crate Stacking

  • Off Road Biking

  • Tunnels

  • Navigation Activities – Orienteering, Walking, Overnight Expeditions, Search & Rescue Exercises

  • Assault Course

  • Problem Solving Exercises

Talks, visits and workshops previously offered:

  • Managing risk in the outdoors

  • Climbing theory

  • Kayaking theory

  • Route planning

  • Visit to Lifeboat Station

  • Visit from Coastguard

  • Managing and leading in an outdoor setting

  • Giving and receiving feedback

  • Belbin profiles

  • Leadership theory and practice

  • Developing communication skills


We have worked with many universities over the years designing programmes that meet their academic needs.

Examples of recent programmes include:

  • 30 hr Leadership challenge

  • Adventure Education

  • Using outdoor education in primary and secondary PE

If you have a course or programme in mind where you feel your students would benefit from some outdoor experiential learning, give us a call.

01237 475992 or contact us.